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Dunn Youth Starts Drive Against Abortion

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DUNN — Jason Rebman has been known to debate the abortion issue with his friends and fellowclassmates at Triton High Schoolin Dunn.

"I've always believed abortion is wrong," Rebman says. "The majority of the studentshere at Triton have pro-choiceviews. It does generate a lot of emotion, especially with me."

But Rebman decided to do more than just talk about it: he decided to start a petitiondrive. Not just in his school. Notjust in Dunn.

He decided to go nationwide.

"If I'm going to do this I'm going to do it right. And I'm going to do it the best as I possibly can," he says.

First, Rebman passed his petition through his own church in Dunn. Then he sent iton to a Catholic diocese in each state,from where he hopes it will be passed on to other Catholic churches. It is an educationin the law of multiplication,and a test to see if others of like-mind have the faith to move mountains.

"Sure, tons of people have done something along the lines of what I'm doing before," Rebman says. "But I'm hoping thatmaybe a youth doing something such as what I'm doing would maybe make more of an impact."

Jason has learned that making an impact has a cost. His includes mailing and printingbills and traveling to Washington D.C. to deliver copies of the petition to everymember of Congress.

"I've raised $1100 for all this," he says. "Anything can happen. This could do absolutelynothing, or this could make adifference."

Jason hopes to have all his petitions from across the country in my late June whenhe makes his trip to Washington,D.C.

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