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North Raleigh Growth Adds To Traffic Woes

Posted April 22, 2001 3:08 a.m. EDT

— Traffic in North Raleigh has been growing worse for some time, and with new businesses like the recently-opened Kohl's on Falls Of Neuse Road, things are not getting any better.

There are several highway projects on or near Falls Of Neuse area, which aim to help that congestion, but there is no guarantee that they will.

Newlyweds Kim and Dave Tucker welcome the Kohl's and the new strip mall, even though it sits right next to their apartment building.

"It's going to be a nice shopping center for this area, because there's really not much in Wake Forest," says Mrs. Tucker.

The Tuckers know the new stores could have a big price tag in terms of congestion in an area they have seen explode in the last decade.

"I've lived in Wake Forest before, so I'm real accustomed to the Falls Of Neuse traffic, and it's just going to continue to get worse," Kim says.

"Obviously, this is going to create more traffic and more problems," David adds.

The Tuckers have somewhat different opinions on how much the Outer Loop and a half-a-dozen road widenings will help traffic problems in North Raleigh.

"I do think widening the road will help," Dave says. "Obviously, you have double the flow you usually do."

"I hope that and [the Outer Loop] will solve it, but I guess we won't know until it gets here," Kim says.

Even John Nantz, a Division Director for the Department Of Transportation, admits that this still may not solve all the problems, but he and his colleagues are very interested to see how traffic patterns will change.