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Big Movies + Big Crowds = Big Box Office Bucks

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FAYETTEVILLE — Three movie premieres during the holiday weekend have theatres across the country filled to capacity. Many movie-goers say a trip to the movie theatre over the holiday weekend is a summer tradition.

In Fayetteville, many people are keeping cool, munching on popcorn and sitting down to watch the newest blockbusters to hit local theatres.

"The Perfect Storm"is attracting waves of fans, and thousands are heading to see "The Patriot" in true Fourth of July fashion.

"The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"is attracting kids and parents alike.

It is a holiday weekend that is sure to have Hollywood celebrating. With three movies premiering, the industry grossed $121.8 million between Friday and Sunday.

Industry experts say the long weekend could approach the $198 million July 4th record set back in 1996 with the opening of "Independence Day."