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Accident Or Abuse? Dog's Death Questions Training Methods

Posted June 26, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A dog's death is putting dog training practices into question.

The incident started when a Garner family hired an obedience instructor to train their puppy. The owner claims the trainer was too harsh with the dog and his techniques lead to the puppy's death.

"The facts are he killed my dog. He killed our family pet," says dog owner Wendy Ayala.

Dog trainer Jon Millwood says the death was an accident.

"When he started getting really snappy, I took my hand, put it right here (his neck), and took him straight down."

Dog trainers do not need to be certified or licensed. Anyone can be a dog trainer and set up shop.

The best advice is to do your homework before hiring anyone. The ASPCA suggests contacting theDelta Society,Association of Pet Dog Trainersor the American Dog Trainer Network.