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Sanitation Crews Return To Roads After Winter Blast

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RALEIGH — There has perhaps never been a trash day more welcome than Monday in Raleigh.

Sanitation crews were out in force picking up the garbage many people did not get to set out last week.

For Carl Ryals, it was a sign that life is starting to get back to normal.

"It's nice of them to come pick it up, cause we're getting a lot around here," Ryals said.

Sanitation crews hit the roads Monday, but their routes were not routine. They still had to deal with freezing temperatures and mounds of snow and ice.

The city ofRaleighis trying to make life easier for workers by having residents who usually leave their trash in the backyard bring it to the front instead.

"Our objective is to get out there and get as much garbage picked up as we can and as safely as we can, making sure our crews can do it safely," said Carolyn Carter, Assistant City Manager.

Monday was the first day Beulah Staton put out her trash for pickup since the storm hit. She, like many people, has had enough.

"I'll just be glad whenever it's all gone," Staton said.

As the snow slowly melts, so will the piles of trash in every community.

Raleigh is back on schedule, but residents need to place their trash at the curb. InFayetteville, Tuesday's trash will be collected on Thursday. Thursday's trash will be collected on Friday.

Durham Public Workswill resume the normal schedule this week, but residents should put their trash at the curb. residents are urged to have trash and recycling containers curbside by 7 a.m. Tuesday. -->Chapel Hillis also back on schedule. The town is asking its residents to put trash at the curb to help crews.


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