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Fayetteville Police Chief, City Manager Talk About Rumors Surrounding Chief's Job

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville Police Chief Ron Hansen says he has heard the rumors of his demise for three months and confirmed them Monday. City Manager Roger Stancil says he has no intention of firing Hansen. Hansen says he was asked to leave the department because of deteriorating relationships. But after 16 years as the city's top cop, he is not ready to go.

"I've been through years of this, years of these unwarranted attacks. When it comes to police business I'm all business, and people know that. And that's why we have a good police department," he says.

It is a situation Hansen has been in before. Four years ago, he came under attack and survived.

Under his leadership this last year, crime has dropped 4 percent, even with the city growing by more than 13,000 through annexation.

Hansen's attorney says this time, the threats come from a conspiracy between a member of the city council and others in city government.

"I haven't talked with the chief about retirement," says Stancil, who says he is not singling Chief Hansen out.

Stancil has talked with all department heads about organizational changes to make the city more responsive to the council and citizens.

"If there were a department head who was not responding to the direction we want to go in, or just wasn't capable of doing that, then I think it's my responsibility to deal with that no matter who that is," he says.

Chief Hansen says he is tired of the same political fight, but not enough to make him leave his post. He is considering a lawsuit claiming harassment and defamation of character.

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