Local News

Fire Strikes Durham Bowling Alley

Posted December 30, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Investigators are still working on the cause of a fire at a Durham bowling alley.

About a dozen people were bowling at Durham Lanes Sunday afternoon, when smoke was seen coming through the ceiling. They left the alley, which is on Highway 15-501.

When firefighters arrived, substantial smoke was billowing from the roof, which was determined to be from tarring compound.

Luther Smith of the Durham Fire Department said they believe the fire may have begun in the office area, but the investigation continues.

Darryl Brouson, the alley's owner, said it was like watching a clubhouse go up in smoke. "It's like a tree house, more of a neighborhood gathering place than a business," he said.

Because beams buckled with the intense heat and so much of the interior was destroyed, Brouson may have to rebuild.