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Raleigh Group Makes Warmth Possible for Needy Families

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For 30 years, volunteers from the Coalition Group have been delivering wood to people who need it.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — Cold weather can weigh heavily on financially strapped families. Trying to stay warm can be a tough task, but a program is helping families in need.

Glenda Balthrop's old house is drafty, and keeping it warm can be difficult.

"Gas is expensive, very expensive, and I just can't see it in my budget right now," she says.

She relies on space heaters and a fireplace to stay warm, but that can be hard to sustain.

"Every other day, you have to get firewood from somewhere," she says. "It's kind of rough. It gets cold."

That is why a delivery of firewood from the Coalition Group is so important.

For 30 years, volunteers have been delivering wood to people who need it. Every other Saturday from November to March, the group visits 25 families in Wake County.

The Coalition ran out of firewood a couple of weeks ago, but local groups stepped up and donated wood earlier this week. Organizers think the wood will last for another six to eight weeks.

"To some of the people we deliver to, it means their only source of heat," says volunteer Bob Wolfe.

For Balthrop, the delivery is about more than just saving money -- it is a warm message of hope.

"It's a blessing, and I'm very grateful," she says.

The Coalition is made up of about a dozen church and civic groups. If you are interested in donating wood or your time, call them at919-787-1278.



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