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Got Woollies? Cold Weather Driving Clothing Sales

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RALEIGH — You may be having a tough time staying warm when you head outdoors, but Triangle stores are scrambling to keeping up with the big demand for winter clothing.

The Great Outdoor Provision Company specializes in cold weather gear but their supply of thick winter coats is running thin.

One of the heavier jackets they stock routinely has been reduced to but one rack of choices, thanks to determined shoppers.

A pre-Thanksgiving snowfall followed by constantly cold weather has boosted sales at least 15 percent. As a result, several shelves are empty at the store and many others throughout the Triangle.

Hat racks, too, are the focus of attention. Some days the clerks find the racks totally empty -- sold out.

Kelly Miller says she learned the hard way that latecomers will be left out in the cold.

"My brother's birthday is Dec. 10, and I bought him a sweater here," she said. "I loved that sweater. I wanted to get my husband one and I came less than a week later and they were completely gone."

The store manager says timing will be the key to finding warm clothing in the Triangle. New shipments are snatched up as quickly as they come in.

The store manager says it has been hard to restock many items because suppliers are out of certain products.

Those who still need to get warm clothing may have better luck ordering the togs on-line.


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