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Helpful Hints to Deal With the Holiday Hustle, Bustle of the Airport

Posted December 19, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Thursday and Friday are expected to be the two busiest travel days atRDU International. Long lines, delays and parking problems are part of the drill, but there is a way to beat the system.

It is the one thing you can always count on this time of year -- crowded airports and holiday hassles. The long lines and great waits are just beginning to kick in this year.

Nearly 500,000 people will fly in and out of RDU International between now and Jan. 3.

So how can you make your trip to the airport less traumatic?

"Have a plan to get to the airport where you're not driving. That's the big thing." says traveler Renee Knight.

It is also important that travelers get to the airport early.

"All the airlines here are reporting very heavy loads, so you can't give yourself too much time," says airport spokesman Mike Blanton.

Officials also say travelers should lighten their load by packing as much as you can and then checking in that baggage.

"The safest thing to do is not gift wrap anything. That way, you don't run the risk of security personnel having to unwrap it if they see something suspicious," Blanton says.

Travelers who have gifts like toy guns and knives should put them in with their checked baggage. Another thing to remember is to mark luggage with some kind of bright tape or ribbon, so it can be easily identified.