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RDU Ambassadors Volunteer Help for Travelers

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RDU volunteer ambassador Bud Holvay helps a traveler.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RDU INTERNATIONAL — RDU International officials expect about 10,000 more travelers than usual over the Labor Day weekend. That means 10,000 more potential questions and concerns about flights. Airport volunteer ambassadors will help calm the craziness.

Ambassadors man the information desk at Terminals A and C, helping to answer questions and give directions.

Bud Holvay is one of 40 ambassadors at RDU, and at age 83, is the oldest.

"This is a rewarding job when you know you can help somebody," Holvay says.

For ambassador Elizabeth Hill, originally from Sweden, the position offers a chance to bone up on her English.

"I think I understand a lot of what people are asking for," she says. "When I have to speak myself, I have to think very hard, and I think I'm improving my English."

Hill gets plenty of practice as the airport grows by leaps and bounds.

"When you consider the fact we're looking for 11-and-a-half million people in and out of the Triangle this year, we need all the volunteers we can get," says RDU spokesman Mike Blanton.

Airport officials say volunteers need to commit to four hours a week. They need patience, compassion and above all, they need to enjoy working with people. Bud Holvay definitely enjoys the public.

"Especially when they want to give you a tip for helping them," he says. "Of course, we don't take tips -- we just give them."

If you are interested in volunteering at the airport, call(919) 840-2125, extension236.