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Black Ice a Damaging, Dangerous Surprise for Triangle Drivers

Posted December 21, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Black ice was a dangerous and damaging surprise to drivers on Triangle interstates and back streets Friday morning. TheState Highway Patrolsays there were at least 200 ice-related wrecks in the area.

To know the story of a messy morning rush, just know the story of Cheryl Larson and her daughter Alexis. Their SUV slid off the road and crashed into the woods.

"We were coming up Strickland from Leadmine, and I must have hit a patch of black ice. [The car] started to spin, and I went into the other lane and then it came over. I must have panicked and put on the brakes is all I can think," says Larson.

There is not much time to think when you hit an icy patch.

"I couldn't get control of it, and it came across the curb and hit the trees. We went down over and it flipped on its side," she says.

Overpasses and ramps from Durham to Wake County were littered with the leftovers of black ice and blue drivers. By the end of the morning rush, hundreds of ice-related accidents were reported.

There were a lot of bad spots where shade covered the roads. The ramp off Blue Ridge Road onto Wade Avenue was a very slick spot.

Despite all the accidents, there were relatively few serious injuries.