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Divers Continue Search for Missing 4-Year-Old

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Divers search a Sampson County pond Saturday for any clues about Myers' disappearance.(WRAL-TV5 News)
ROSEBORO — Divers searched the murky waters of Sampson County for a missing 4-year-old boy Saturday. Two months after Buddy Myers wandered away from his home, investigators placed their hopes in a last-ditch effort to find the boy.

A dozen volunteers suited up to dive the frigid, murky waters of a Sampson County irrigation pond. These divers could be the last, best hope of finding Myers.

"We could be looking for the missing person," says diver Chuck Elgin. "We could be looking for the things he might have had with him, items that might be of interest to the ongoing investigation."

As the divers plunged into 50-degree water, they faced two major challenges: a shortage of manpower and bitter weather.

"We'll be using dry suits because of the temperature. We'll be using full-face masks with communication. We'll be able to talk diver-to-diver, diver-to-surface," Elgin says.

Investigators dragged the ponds near Myers' home after he disappeared, but Saturday was the first chance they have had to send in a highly trained team of divers.

"We haven't been able to dive these waters because of manpower, and early on there were a lot of snakes. They're in hibernation now, that's why we're diving it today," says Donald Cox with the sheriff's office.

The divers came up empty-handed, despite an exhaustive search. Investigators have no evidence or promising leads in Myers' case. But they are not giving up hope.

"He's out there somewhere," Cox says. "We don't have him, so he's out there somewhere."

Yellow ribbons still hang outside Myers' home. His family wrapped Christmas presents for him a few days ago. Like the detectives working the case, they still hold out hope that he will return home safely.

There is a $10,000 reward for information about Myers' disappearance. Anyone with information should call the Sampson County Sheriff's Office at910-592-4141.



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