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Some Want To Bury Cary's Two-Dog Ordinance

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According to a Cary ordinance, residents are only allowed to have two dogs. Even though the ordinance is rarely enforced, they want it off the books.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CARY — ACaryordinance, stating residents can only have two dogs per family, has been in place for more than 20 years. For many, the ordinance is news to them. Even though it is rarely enforced, some people want it off the books.

Dog owner Barry Tryon says he was surprised that there is a limit.

"I think it depends more on how people care for their pets and not so much the number," he says.

"It's an issue that, in urban areas, it's not practicable to have large numbers of animals in an urban environment," says Jack Smith, Cary Mayor Pro Tem.

Some parts of Cary feel urban with homes butted side to side. Roy Rhoden is a city dweller with more space between neighbors.

"In fact, we do have a lot of space here, and sometimes I do hear dogs barking off in the distance," he says. "But if we were a little closer, I think that could be a little bit of an annoyance."

The rule applies to all, but it is rarely enforced.

"What typically happens is it's been abused, and at that point, they call the animal control officer, and that's how we find out about it," Smith says. "We have better things to do than to count dogs in neighborhoods."

The two-dog ordinance is expected to be discussed in the public speaking portion of Thursday's Cary Town Council meeting.



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