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Cary Hopes Gadget Giveaway Will Ease Water Woes

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CARY — Just in time for the holidays -- free stocking stuffers! But the presents at Cary's Gadget Giveaway have a special purpose.

From rain gauges to efficient showerheads and shower timers, town leaders are giving away items they believe make great stocking stuffers.

More importantly, they hope the gadgets will remind residents of a different time of year -- summertime and the town's annual struggle to keep up with the growing demand for water.

"It's just another way for people to have a conversation around the table about how we can save water, how we can contribute to the community," says Marie Del Forge of Cary's water conservation department.

Cary officials are hoping the expansion of the town's water treatment plant will make summertime water restrictions a thing of the past. They say shorter showers and year-round water conservation will make the biggest difference of all.

"It's important to conserve our resources that way," Del Forge says. "It's not difficult, but it's what's called for, and in the long run, it will help us all."



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