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Finding Quality Day Care Is Easier With State's New Web Site

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RALEIGH — A parent's top job is making sure their kids get the best care, but for working parents, finding that care can be tough. The state has a newWeb sitethat tells parents just about everything they need to know about a particular day care center.

Everyday, the Campus Child Care Center is home to nearly 90 kids. Both of Amy Clore's children spend their days at the center. She knows just how important it is to pick a good day care center, and how difficult that can be.

"You know you can open up the phone book and look at the advertisements, but that tells you very little," she says. "Any kind of guidance would be very helpful."

Thestate Division of Child Developmentis hoping to take some of the pain out of the process. With their new Web site, all you have to do is point and click.

"There's over 9,000 facilities in the state, almost 4,000 centers and 5,500 homes," says Peggy Ball, Director of the state Division of Child Development. "I can get any licensing information I want, I can click on who owns this, and I can see if there's been visits made to this facility."

The Web site is updated daily with the newest information.


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