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Web Site Gives N.C.'s Up-and-Coming Artists an Outlet

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CHATHAM COUNTY — The words "artist" and "struggling" usually go together. A new online company helps N.C. artists by introducing them to the world.

Suzanne Davis and Ellen Burgin sell the works of N.C. artists onArtpeacock.com. The Web site is a virtual art gallery without the expense of a storefront shop and hired staff.

"We saved money on space," Davis says. "Everyone can see our entire inventory."

The women worked together at theN.C. Museum of Art'sretail shop. Burgin is also an artist whose work is featured on the Web site. She is from N.C., which fits the criteria of all the artists they represent.

You may not be familiar with the names behind these works, but they are trying to make their marks in the art world.

"The artists are at the right point in their career -- ready to take a giant step," Burgin says.

The art buyers are often company owners looking to fill their offices with original work -- not just prints, but collectible art that may appreciate in value.

Artpeacock.com is designed to introduce potential buyers to new works of art. Serious buyers often come to the storage facility in Chatham County to see the work in person before they buy.

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