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Wake County Subdivision Will Soon Get A Taste Of Clean Water

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WAKE COUNTY — Some Wake County neighbors are turning on their taps and tossing out their bottled water. The sediment-filled well water they have been dealing with for months has being replaced.

City utility crews were making the rounds 1 p.m. Wednesday in Neuse Crossing. The subdivision got hooked up to the city's water supply. For months, neighbors could not use their well water because of a heavy sediment.

Susan Bray and her neighbors had to, among other things, wash their dishes by hand. She says she is relieved the water supply will be usable, but it will take some time to forget the months of distress.

"You can't turn on the faucet. You can't drink the water, can't use your ice cubes, and you can't use your laundry room," she says. "The kids were complaining about their rashes, so it's bad."

The Brays and their neighbors will not have to worry about the safety of their water too much longer. City Utility crews will be flushing out the pipes for the next day or two.

Once the pipes are cleared of any remaining sediments, the water will be completely safe.


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