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Wake County Residents Wait To Hear About Subdivision's Quality Of Water

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WAKE COUNTY — A Wake County subdivision has been worried about its water for almost two weeks. A dangerous bacteria is polluting their system, and the water will not be safe for several more days.

Twelve days ago, Eric and Nancy Lybeck received two deliveries -- the birth of their son, Tim, and a warning from the state.

"We went to the hospital and had Tim and then we received the notice that we had to boil water," Nancy says.

During a routine water test, Heater Utilities found total coliform in the water at the Kings Grant subdivision. Total coliform is not deadly, but it can be dangerous, especially those with a weak immune system.

"Bacteria is produced from living things, and somehow or another, some living thing with this type of bacteria has made its way into the well or into the system," says Allen Hardy of thestate Division of Environmental Health.

It is a double concern for the Lybecks because they have to juggle bottles of water and two children.

"They are more susceptible, and if they did get sick, then I think it would be worse," Nancy says.

Despite continuous testing, Heater Utilities and the state have no idea where the contamination is coming from. The Lybecks say they would appreciate an update on the status of the water.

"[We] just want the peace of mind, knowing that they do acknowledge a problem, that they value us as a customer, and they are doing this, this and this to solve the problem," says Eric Lybeck.

Heater Utilities tested the water Wednesday. If the water is clean for two days in a row, the state will lift the ban. However, the results may not be known until Saturday at the earliest.


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