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Fayetteville Bike Charity Robbed

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FAYETTEVILLE — Every holiday season, Moses Mathis fixes hundreds of bikes and gives them away to kids whose parents cannot afford to buy one. But this year, a robber has stolen some happiness.

Nearly two dozen bikes have been stolen from Mathis' bike shop in Fayetteville.

On Friday, a volunteer discovered the bikes were missing.

Mathis says it breaks his heart to think about the crime.

"It takes something out of you," Mathis said. "It's not like we're selling the bikes. We're giving them away."

Mathis still has about 300 bikes to pass out this Christmas.

After hearing about the thefts, dozens of people have called Mathis wanting to donate more bikes.

Still, this is the second time bicycles have been stolen from him over the past eight years.

Mathis says he will kick up his workshop a notch and try to have them ready for delivery on December 23.