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People Are 'Flocking' To Buy Coated Christmas Trees

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It is not snowing in North Carolina, but there is plenty of white stuff on the trees. Flock can be applied to Christmas trees, giving them a white, wintry feel.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CARY — Christmas trees are getting a different look this year, and people are 'flocking' to buy them.

Keith Ramsey works at Garden Supply in Cary. He knows to flock it on his trees once in a while.

"It can be heavy, it can be medium, and it can be light," he says. "Heavy looks like a tree that's been through a snowstorm."

Flock can be applied to Christmas trees, giving them a white wintry feel. The process has been around for a while, but the tradition seems to have slowly melted away.

"My mom and dad had it. They always argued if they were going to have a flocked tree or not," says employee Penny Breen. "My mom always won, but it's kind of old-fashioned. It reminds us of our childhood, I guess."

Trees that are flocked often last longer. The flock acts almost like glue and keeps the needles from falling. It is also acts like a fire retardant.

At Garden Supply in Cary, a flocked wreath costs $7. A flocked tree costs $7 a foot.



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