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Wake Year-Round Changes Have Ripple Effect

Posted November 26, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— The switch to year-round calendars will affect more than just two Wake County schools. Students surrounding Stough Elementary and Carroll Middle could also be a part of the change.

That could take her further away from home, which is a problem. Otherwise, the year-round plan works for the family.

"We're career people and this has be4en a wonderful opportunity for us to take vacations throughout the year. We look forward to that," says Watkins. -->

The Stough Elementary calendar switch prompted a two-day public hearing on elementary school reassignments, giving parents a chance to weigh in on where their children will be attending school in the fall.

Middle school parents had their say on the reassignments as well. Carroll Middle School's switch to a year-round calendar affects a number of other schools.

The board will discuss the year-round moves at its December meeting.