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Despite Losing Eye After Being Robbed, Pizza Delivery Man Maintains Positive Attitude

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WAYNE COUNTY — A Wayne County man is recovering after he was shot in the eye during a botched robbery attempt. His attitude is surprisingly resilient in spite of his circumstances.

A few days ago, Brian Crowley came to a neighborhood east of Goldsboro to deliver a pizza. Two young men were not going to let him leave with his earnings.

"I'd stopped to make the turn onto the highway. The one kid ran up to me and yelled, 'Stop the car, Stop the car,'" he says. "I instinctively just hit the gas to get away and, 'Bang! Shot me in the head.'"

Amazingly, Crowley was able to keep driving. His car even cut off as he made it to the main road, but he managed to restart it and get it moving again -- all with the suspects just a few steps away.

The bullet went through his head and destroyed his right eye. He is in some pain, but he is recovering. He hopes to go back to work Monday at his new acupuncture clinic in Goldsboro. He had taken the part-time job to supplement his income.

His attitude is surprisingly positive, and he hopes to, one day, face the suspects, 17-year-old Roman Jones and 16-year-old Demond Maybanks.

"I'd just say I'm really sorry you did that, you know, sorry for me but also sorry for you -- all because you've really done a thing that's going to ruin your lives," he says. "It's going to ruin your family's lives, and it could have been so easily prevented by just not picking up that gun and not making that bad decision. That's what I'd tell them."

He hopes other young people will take a message to heart before someone else is hurt.

"Just don't do it. Make better decisions," he says.

Crowley's friends and family have been very supportive since the shooting. Some even fixed and delivered the family's Thanksgiving meal last week.


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