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Moore County Residents Face 'Towering' Situation

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Residents of Moore County are worried that a cell phone tower will ruin the aesthetic quality of the community.(WRAL-TV5 News)
MOORE COUNTY — Members of a small Moore County community are afraid they will see a big eyesore from their homes.

The small community of Lakeview, just outside of Vass, is known for its people and its view of Crystal Lake, but possibly not for long. A property owner is willing to lease his land on the border of the community toAmerican Towerso it can build a cell phone tower.

"These houses on the lake have been looking at this beautiful view for 100 years, and they will look at this tower for 50 more. I don't think it's necessary," says neighbor Kim Von Canon.

Neighbors say there is a lot more than aesthetics at risk for the community, established in 1903. Since 1984, the people of Lakeview raised more than $140,000 to buy the 70-acre lake and fix it up.

In June, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. They are afraid a tall tower could cause them to lose that designation.

"We wanted to make sure we preserved our history for our children and grandchildren so they'd understand what a beautiful place we live," says neighbor Jeanne Crockett.

A spokesperson from American Tower in Wilson says they will listen to neighbors' concerns, but there is not a lot of wiggle room.

"I can see their point and the point of the landowners because it's going to be a profitable endeavor for them," says Vass Mayor Eddie Callahan.

Several years ago, Aberdeen residents fought a similar fight and lost. Even though Lakeview is in Moore County, the decision will be left up to the Vass Town Council because the property is in the zoning jurisdiction of Vass.



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