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Practice Patience, Politeness at the Mall this Holiday Season

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RALEIGH — Almost everyone's holiday cheer is pushed to the limit by mall traffic -- not just the traffic out on the road, but the foot traffic inside the mall.

From being cut off, to shoppers who do not which way they are going, to those who just stand around blocking the way, each shopper can tell you about a pet pedestrian peeve.

Here is a refresher to help create festive foot traffic and avoid unnecessary confrontations. Stay to the right:You are less likely to to run into oncoming traffic. Make decisionsbeforeyou walk into a busy area:Indecisive shoppers can cause a minor jam with just a moment of hesitation. Stairs and escalators are tough:Merge politely and remember, stay to the right.

The best thing to remember to avoid a lump of coal in your stocking is be courteous to your fellow shoppers.

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Mark Roberts, Reporter
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