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Suspect Arrested In Johnston County Bank Robbery, Carjacking

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JOHNSTON COUNTY — Investigators in Johnston County say a man robbed a bank, ran out into the street shooting and carjacked a woman.

The incident started when Curtis Woodall robbed the First Citizens Bank at the Swift Creek shopping center on Highway 42. An off-duty Raleigh police officer saw the robbery and gave chase shortly after noon Friday.

The chase led them onto Highway 42 where Nancy Byrd was pumping gas at the gas station.

"When I looked at my car and heard my daughter screaming, I knew that the bullets hit our car," she says.

"A whole bunch of glass came on me. It was in my mouth and everywhere," says Byrd's daughter, Kimberly.

Woodall later carjacked a woman at the gas station. Rich Leonard saw the suspect when he and his hostage drove to another gas station.

"Her car pulled in and was heading toward my car. I thought they were going to hit me. She slammed on her brakes, at that time, I made eye contact with her," he says. "She was being assaulted by the individual in the front seat. She was screaming 'Help me, help me,' at the top of her lungs."

Woodall left the car where he was tackled by the Raleigh police officer. He was later taken into custody. He has been charged with first-degree kidnapping and armed robbery. Other charges could be pending.



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