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Simple Steps Can Prevent Fire Hazard from Christmas Tree

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WILSON — For lots of families, buying the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving is tradition. Taking a few precautions can keep that holiday tree from becoming a fire hazard.WHEN SELECTING A TREE:
  • Take a look at the color.The tree should have a rich green color.
  • Touch the tree near the ends of the branches.In a healthy tree, the needles should be tough to pull out. ONCE YOU GET THE TREE HOME:
  • Cut about 2 inches off the trunk of the tree.Any less, and the tree cannot soak up water, no matter how much it is given.
  • Try to get it underwater within an hour.If you do, experts say most healthy trees can survive the season just fine.
  • Tree sellers say the trip from the North Carolina mountains costs about $20 more per truckload this year. Sellers are trying to keep their prices close to last year's levels.