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Long-Lost Siblings Celebrate First Thanksgiving Together As Family

Posted November 22, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Your Thanksgiving meal may be good, but it is tough to beat a reunion that happened in Durham. Four long-lost siblings who have never seen each other had their first meal together.

They were separated decades ago when their parents put them up for adoption. The reunion began when a few weeks ago when Sandra Cox's daughter saw Patricia Williams in Goldsboro and noticed a family resemblance.

"Minding my own business and my stepdaughter kept nudging me to ask Patricia some questions, and I said, 'No, I don't want to ask her no personal questions,'" Cox says.

After a paper chase, the sisters and the others have finally found each other.

"Having that brother, brother and sisters, real brothers and sisters, birth brothers and sisters, it is fantastic. I couldn't ask for anything more," Williams says.

"Well, to me, I love it. I wish I would have met them a long time ago when I was coming up," says brother Robert Dudley.

"Because the family resemblance is so strong, you can't deny it. Everybody can see, we all belong together," says sister Dorothy Williams.

Soon after the turkey was cut, one of the brothers commented that his sisters were eating more than he expected. For the first time, they were finally able to be together as family.