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Raleigh Man Helps To Make Hollywood Magic In 'The Grinch'

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RALEIGH — You have probably been buried under a snow bank if you have not heard of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Director Ron Howard has turned the Dr. Seuss classic tale into a blockbuster movie. A local man had a hand in making Hollywood magic.

Jim Carrey's inspired portrayal of "The Grinch" is making big bucks at the box office, but an army of visual effects specialists like Raleigh's Davy Nethercutt helped bring the film version of Whoville to life.

Nethercutt says generating computer effects can be incredibly tedious, but at the same time satisfying, because he knows he is part of film history.

"Everybody had the same sense of, 'I have to do it better than I can possibly do it,'" he says.

A graduate of Garner High and N.C. State and a former Charlie Goodnight's bartender, Nethercutt's visual effects credits also include the TV show, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and the X-Men movie.

"Grinch" fans are packing theaters across the country to see some of his creativity in a Christmas classic. He says he does not really mind if they never know it is his show.

"It's really interesting. It's really cool, and it is just another job a lot of times," he says. "You walk out and go to dinner. People leave you alone. It's nice."

Nethercutt says the toughest part of his job is the travel. In fact, he heads to Canada this weekend to work on a Disney film called "Spy Kids" with Antonio Banderas.

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