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Wilson Shows Its Support To Firestone Plant, Company

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Firestone is rolling into the holidays with a massive support campaign from the Wilson Chamber of Commerce. The tire plant in Wilson came under fire during the company's massive recall this summer.(WRAL-TV5 News)
WILSON — One local town is going to battle for its largest employer.

Signs are showing up all over Wilson, proclaiming the town's support of the Firestone plant. The plant and the company have been under fire since they recalled more than 6 million tires.

Local leaders came up with the idea to bring the community together with buttons, yard signs and bumper stickers.

"There are very helpful with the Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, school drives and PTO fundings. They touch a bunch of us in different ways," says business owner Bruce Jackson. "They touch a bunch of us in different ways. I just wanted to show our support."

Residents who want to show their support can go to the Wilson Chamber of Commerce and receive a free bumper sticker or button.


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