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Former Patient's Family Works to Make Hospital Stays Easier

Posted November 21, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— A little boy from Apex was the force behind a very special delivery Wednesday at UNC Children's Hospital. His family is giving thanks and sharing the spirit of giving.

Allison and Tommy Hager spent nearly four months at UNC Hospitals with their son, Will.

"Having been there with Will, I think the biggest thing is feeling a little bit more at home," Allison says. "Feeling that someone understands that you're not alone, and that people out here care about you in this community."

It started out as a modest project, but it grew beyond everyone's expectations. Pillowcases full of toys and books for children, phone cards and toiletries for moms and dads arrived Wednesday at UNC Hospitals. The items are designed to make the hospital stay a little easier for everyone.

In honor of their son, the Hagers call their project "Will Power."

"It's very encouraging to know people care when your child is sick and in the hospital," says Michelle Grimes, whose child is a patient. "It's very encouraging."

The Hagers know a hospital feels a long way from home. They hope these gifts will bring it a little closer.

They say their gifts could not have been possible without the generous support of the community. Several businesses, schools and community groups pitched in to make it possible.