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Family Members Upset Over Demolition Of Burned-Out Home

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The Rocky Mount house, where seven people died in a fire, was torn down Tuesday. However, the survivors say they did not want it torn down yet.(WRAL-TV5 News)
ROCKY MOUNT — The Rocky Mount house that burned last week killing seven people is now gone.

Landowner Farouk Hamad tore down the old building Tuesday. He says the city told him to take it down because it was condemned.

Family members say they were not given enough time to search for items that made it through the fire.

"Some of my gold and jewelry was not totally destroyed and pictures of my babies in a little locket. I know that is probably somewhere on the floor," says Darlena Moore, who lost her two sons in the fire.

"Clearly, there were some valuable things that the family wanted to have some time," says family pastor Rev. Thomas Walker. "They did not want to be rushed. It takes time to go through ashes and find what may be junk to others but treasures for you."

The wall-mounted heater that may have sparked the fire was taken out last week.



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