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Fayetteville Police Want to Keep Holidays Happy Around Cross Creek Mall

Posted November 20, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Bumper-to-bumper traffic around the mall can quickly take the "merry" out of your Christmas. But changes around Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville may make buying presents much more joyful.

Workers widened Skibo Road, and there is another turning lane to get into the mall off of Skibo.

The final touches are being put on the new Cliffdale Road interchange, which workers hope to open this week. Drivers who do not have business at the mall will be able to bypass it altogether.

If you plan to spend the green, expect to see blue. Several Fayetteville traffic officers will be stationed around the mall until Christmas Eve. They will be searching for aggressive drivers and keeping the roads clear.

"We are going to respond to accidents faster, get them out of the road faster and reduce the amount of secondary collisions," says traffic specialist Eric Dow.

About 200 accidents are expected near the mall in December, and more than 60,000 cars travel through the Morganton and Skibo Road intersection each day. With numbers like that, drivers are happy to see the police.

"I think they control traffic and road rage," says shopper Pat Stanfield. "I'm happy to see them out."

The newest red-light traffic camera is up at Skibo Road and McPherson Church Road, just down the road from the mall. Running a red light to get to the stores faster could cost you $50.