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Learn How To Pack For The Holiday Travel Season

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CARY — Many people will travel for the holidays, and they may be dreading the process of packing. It can be a nightmare trying to stuff clothes, cosmetics, hair dryers -- and maybe even gifts -- into a suitcase, but help is at hand.

Many people roll their socks and stuff them around the corners and tuck underwear around the edges to use every bit of space. Believe it or not, there is an easier way.

Misty Edwards, a travel specialist at Sharon Luggage, can easily fit a week's worth of clothes into a carry-on bag.

She recommends starting with one's shoes. She stuffs shoes with socks and underwear and puts them and other heavy items at the bottom of the suitcase, towards the wheel base. Then she really gets rolling.

Her next tip? Roll clothing. Start from the bottom and roll the item up to the top.

"It comes from the Navy, the military method of rolling clothes. Not only does it keep things small and compact, it keeps them wrinkle-free," Edwards said.

Edwards says friction between fabric causes wrinkles, so she recommends tissue paper for dress clothes and plastic bags around hanging clothes in a garment bag.

"It just really keeps the fabric from moving together, keeps that friction from happening so you're not going to have the wrinkles you would normally have," she said.

Edwards' biggest tip is to collect what you think you want to pack and then put half of it back because she says you're never going to wear all those clothes," she said.

Sharon Luggage offers free packing demonstrations once a week at its stores in the Triangle. You can arrange a personal demonstration by calling1-800-433-2694.


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