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N.C. State Students Want To Provide Hope For Homeless

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RALEIGH — If you have stepped outside lately, you know it is bitter cold. Many people are choosing to sleep out in the cold for those who have no choice.

Every morning, Frank Vance wakes up and faces his homelessness.

"It's like a state of shock. You can't believe that you are actually out like this, but you are," he says.

Jose Scurry says he worries about the cold temperatures at night.

"Sometimes, it is so cold and if you don't have enough blankets or you are not warm enough, you have to worry about freezing out here," he says.

Angela Traurig is a part of N.C. State's Hope for the Homeless. Every night, someone from the group brings hot food, blankets or clothes to Raleigh's homeless. Friday, they plan to spend the night with them.

"We want to have a face to put with the problem so that they can meet different people and learn stories," she says.

Megan Wright got to know many of the homeless through her weekly runs downtown.

"This lady was freezing to death and we gave her some food, and she said, 'Thank you, thank you,'" she says. "We noticed that she didn't have anything, so we gave her a coat and she was like, 'You don't know what you have done for me.'"

Despite the cold weather and danger of sleeping on the streets, the students say they are not afraid. They say they are looking forward to a fun night with the friends that they serve.


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