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Kenly Police Search For Real-Life Grinch

Posted November 14, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— The spirit of the holidays has already been tainted in one Johnston County town. Someone stole toys and games from a group that gives gifts to needy kids at Christmas. Volunteers are now scrambling to make up for the crime.

"As we work hard to help those that are in need, someone is coming around taking from the needy," says Jessie Joyner, who has volunteered for the Kenly Area Ministries for over a decade.

Lulu Jolliff runs the charity. A local church built a storage building to house goods destined for Hurricane Floyd victims. The same organization had been robbed several times before.

"Two years ago, we lost $900 worth of new clothes. This is not our first loss, but it's definitely the hardest," Jolliff says.

Kenly police do not have any suspects. Thjey continue to dust for fingerprints and plan to help collect new gifts.

"We have the intention to put the box here to collect toys," says Det. David Magnum.

Kenly Area Ministries say it will continue to ask for donations so they can make a dfference for needy children in the area.