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How 'Well' Do You Know The Quality Of Your Water?

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FAYETTEVILLE — Government officials have been working for years to clean up the water supply across the country, but how do you really know what is in your water, and what is dangerous? The answer may depend on where your water is coming from.

It may be a little dusty, but Malissa Langley says the old well in her backyard works as good as new. After 17 years of washing dishes and raising children, she has no reason to believe her water is unsafe to drink.

"The fresh water here tastes very good," she says. "It doesn't have any chlorine or anything like that in it, but we don't have any problems with our water."

Unlike a public water system, well water is not routinely tested by a treatment plant. However, the water can be monitored by the county health department.

If your water is supplied by the Public Works Commission (PWC), spokesman Mick Noland says do not worry about buying expensive water filters. The city does the testing for you.

If you have a well and are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, you should contact your health department. PWC customers can download their water quality report online.