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Presidential Election the Talk of the Town

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RALEIGH — Everywhere you go, people are talking about the deadlocked presidential election. No matter how they voted, most say they just want the election resolved as soon as possible.

Serious debates about the vote count are taking place wherever people gather.

At lunch Thursday, Les Brown was not just the only man at a table full of female co-workers, he was one of the only Republicans.

"Where I work it's very heavily Democrat. Here I feel very small amongst my co-workers," says the Wake County voter.

"We joke around about it at the office, we say 'Have we got a president yet?' But in reality it's very serious," says co-worker Cheryl Evans.

"You really cannot get away from it. Everyone has their two cents to put in, what they think, what they're feeling, but they're entitled to that," says co-worker Natasha Adwaters.

The most passionate debates are centered around the vote recount in Florida, and whether or not voters in West Palm Beach should be allowed to cast ballots again.

"It is a shame it's happening, but I don't think to re-do any of the voting, or to vote again would be legal or advisable," says Cumberland County voter Bisco Howell.

"I think they should have a chance re-vote, maybe re-do it so they won't have so much confusion," says Cumberland County Voter Yvette Fields.

Kate Hovis is a 15-year resident of Florida who moved to North Carolina last month. What does she think is going to happen?

"I wish I knew. I'd probably be very wealthy if I knew," she says. "Whatever happens I hope it's the right thing, the American public moves on and learns lessons."

While many voters are disturbed by the waiting, others say accuracy, not speed is paramount.


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