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Showing Them the Money: Cary Gives $3.6M to Schools

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CARY — A "prize patrol" is visiting several Wake County schools.

Thetown of Caryis giving $3.6 million from their budget to schools. That money would normally be spent on subsidizing development.

If a school has a minimum of 30 students who live in Cary, it will receive $200 per Cary student. Schools are spending the money on technology needs, books and staff assistance.

Parents at Adams Elementary were glad to hear the news.

"It's a brand-new year-round school," says Marsha Dale. "They could use a lot more books, computer equipment and things like that to help get us up to speed on what other schools already have."

The money will be combined with the county's school-improvement plan. Cary town leaders hope other municipalities will follow their example.