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Campaign Sign Clean-Up Pays Off for Some

Posted November 8, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— A local radio station really cleaned up -- and was cleaned out -- when it put out a request for political campaign signs.

WRAL Mix 101.5asked listeners to collect election signs from yards and roads and bring them to North Hills Mall Thursday morning.

The station offered to pay $1 per sign, with a limit of $50 per person. They expected a total of about 2,000 signs.

"I knew we would go over that a little, so I came out here with $3,000 in cash and that made it through maybe 40 people. It was an overwhelming response," says Mix 101.5's Mary Hallow.

Hundreds of people packed the parking lot with an estimated 20,000 signs.

Early birds left with cash in hand. Radio station employees took names and addresses when the money ran out. The station promises whoever did not get paid on site will get a check in the mail.