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Local Museum With UNC Flavor Honors Basketball's Past

Posted November 5, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— It is the start of college basketball season, and the timing could not have been better for a museum to open honoring basketball's past. One place bleeds Carolina blue, but it is a treat for any hoops fan.

Blue Heaven Museum is a private venture of David Daly's. He was a team manager on the 1982 national championship squad. The collection of memorabilia tells the story, not just of Carolina basketball, but of the game's early beginnings.

Daly says he knew there was enough around to fill a warehouse.

"I'd heard of guys that packed away stuff in attics, and even me with my limited amount of memorabilia, it was packed up in boxes, and I thought you know, these are important things," he says. "These are historical items that our fans probably would be interested in seeing."

Admission to Blue Heaven Museum is $5 for adults $3 for children. The museum is on Airport Road in Chapel Hill near Interstate 40.