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Crabtree Valley Mall Offers New Signs To Prevent Holiday Traffic Hassles

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Starting Nov. 15, new signs -- some with lighted directional signals -- will help shoppers get the best deal on getting into Crabtree Valley Mall.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — The holiday shopping season is here. Whether you have been naughty or nice, the lump of coal for shoppers can be driving toCrabtree Valley Mall. However, there is a gift that is still under wraps to prevent traffic hassles.

Driving through Crabtree Valley Mall over the holidays can be a bumper to bumper bah humbug.

"Everybody's out. You've got your Toys 'R Us. You've got your hotels, and you've got all the banks. It's just a cluster," says motorist Keith Jaques.

Starting November 15, motorists will get a little holiday help. Signs -- some with lighted directional signals -- will help mall shoppers get the best deal on getting in.

"The first sign will tell you that the Blue Ridge Road entrance is crowded so go down to the Creedmoor entrance," says Michelle Cely, mall spokeswoman. "The other sign will tell you the three entrances available: Blue Ridge being one, the entrance directly into the mall being the second and the Creedmoor entrance being the third."

The new signs will probably help, but shoppers often miss one of the best ways into the mall -- through the back door. A bridge takes drivers from Kidd's Hill Plaza into the upper floors of the rear parking deck. It is one of the least used mall entrances.

Mall security officers will use traffic cameras to monitor the hot spots and activate the new directional signs.



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