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CIAA Parties With 'The Tom Joyner Morning Show'

Posted March 2, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— CIAA fans spent Friday morning partying with one of the most popular radio show personalities in the country.

Thousands waited in line to see Tom Joyner and by the looks of things, the crowd felt The Tom Joyner Morning Show" was well worth the wait.

"I consider myself middle-aged, and to see all the young people blending in very well with the people my age and older is just great," said fan Ronney McNeill.

Fan Tia Willis liked the mix, too. "It's been great -- the music, the entertainment. We've been here early in the morning. Everyone still has so much excitement."

The show is not only about old school dance contests, though. It is also about helping African Americans.

Handing out voter registrations is the norm, and so is raising money for historically black universities -- more than a million dollars in just two years.

"I grew up in Tuskegee, and Tuskegee is where theUnited Negro College Fundstarted," Joyner said. "Being in that kind of environment, it becomes a part of you. When I saw that I had the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities), I took that opportunity."

Organizers hope to bring Joyner's show back for the next two years, when the CIAA tournament will be played in Raleigh.