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Creedmoor Residents, Officials Debate Over Use Of Speed Bumps

Posted November 1, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— The debate over speed bumps is providing a rough ride for the Granville County town of Creedmoor.

Neighbors at the Golden Pond subdivision say speeders come through their neighborhood in all shapes and sizes.

"I am hoping and praying for a speed bump, just to slow people down," says resident Lisa Alfman. "Even if it's a portable one and it's only here for a short time, it'll slow them down."

Speed bumps or speed tables have worked in places such as Wake Forest, but there is a debate on whether it would work in Creedmoor.

"So far, the city commissioners are not interested in speed bumps," says resident Wendy Gaudette. "They have pretty much told me they don't like speed bumps. They don't feel that speed bumps are going to slow the traffic down."

"It's something that we've never had," says Creedmoor Mayor Darryl Moss. "It definitely does slow the traffic down, but I think there are other issues we are concerned about, such as how it would affect emergency vehicles."

Smart growth planners say part of the problem is street design. Wide streets without sidewalks in some cases encourage drivers to go faster.

Town officials say they will study speed bumps. Moss says even though city commissioners do not support speed bumps, the neighbors deserve a study of the issue.