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Harnett County Authorities Look For Suspect In Rash Of Burglaries

Posted November 1, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Investigators in Harnett County are trying to track down a brazen burglar. The suspect has hit homes in the northwestern part of Dunn in the last several weeks, and the suspect keeps coming back for more.

April Smith takes pride in her first home. She and her husband chose it because of the quaint and quiet neighborhood, but now she is not so sure.

Someone recently broke in and trashed her next door neighbor's home, stealing hundreds of dollars in valuables. The same thing happened to more than a half dozen homes in the area over the past few weeks. Smith has an idea on what spared her house.

"We have a security system. I think that's what kept out house from actually being broken into," she says.

The robberies happened during the day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Capt. R.L. Radcliffe of the Dunn Police Department says whoever is committing the crimes is not acting alone.

"It's a higher number than what we been having," he says. "Normally, we may have one or two on one side of the town, but right now, we have six to eight break-ins in a six-block area."

Safety experts say there are a number of ways you can decrease your chances of being burglarized.

  • Put a decal in your window or a sign on your lawn that says you have a home security system.
  • Secure sliding glass doors and windows by placing a piece of wood in the window track.
  • Get a solid door with a double deadbolt lock.