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Pediatric Patients Design UNC Holiday Cards

Posted November 1, 2000 6:00 a.m. EST

— Carl Torbush wants you to send his special holiday cards to your friends and family this year. The UNC head football coach is honorary chair of the 2000 Kids Cards project.

The holiday cards are designed by pediatric patients. Several businesses donated their services to print and package the cards.

Proceeds will help pay for the educational and recreational needs of young patients at the hospital.

"Oh, definitely buy them. People love them," says Christina Conner, one of the artists. "They see the children drew them, you know. It's a special card and they keep them, and save 'em and it's a good memory."

Conner spent several weeks in the hospital as a teenager and says the artwork helped her pass the time.

The cards are available by mail order or at several participating stores in the area.