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Moore, McKoy Vie For State Treasurer's Post

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RALEIGH — On November 7, voters will elect a newstate treasurerfor the first time in 23 years. Harlan Boyles is stepping down from the job he has held since 1977.

Many voters know Democrat Richard Moore from his six-year stint as secretary ofCrime Control and Public Safety.

Moore is running for state treasurer, a job that he says touches many aspects of life in North Carolina.

"As we struggle with how are we going to have the schools we need, the teachers in those schools, water and sewer, the right kind of roads, we're going to turn to the bonding power of the state," he says.

Moore believes his degree in accounting and finance, and experience on Wall Street qualify him to manage the state's $65 billion portfolio.

"We've only had one, maybe two state treasurers, whose background was in accounting and finance," says Moore.

RepublicanHenry McKoysays the state's treasurer does not have to be an accountant. He cites his experience as a business owner and state lawmaker.

As treasurer, McKoy would curb government spending and encourage private investment in public schools.

"I believe that we're going to have to find a way to get businesses, as well as churches and other organizations, involved in adopting schools in North Carolina," says McKoy.

The state treasurer also supervises the pensions of half a million North Carolina retirees. On some points, both candidates agree: investing that money wisely and maintaining the state's AAA bond rating are their top priorities.

Both Moore and McKoy say state treasurer Harlan Boyles is a hard act to follow. Boyles has been with the treasurer's office for more than four decades, including 23 years in the top spot.


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