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Increased Rates, Fees Take Off Next Year at RDU

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Airport improvements may cost you a little extra when you fly out of RDU.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RDU INTERNATIONAL — As RDU International grows, travelers will help foot the bill for airport improvements.

RDU officials have approved a boarding fee of $3 for everyone who boards a plane at RDU. The revenue will be used to fund a $600 million reconstruction of Terminal A.

The Airport Authority is also increasing parking fees by as much as $2 a day. That money will pay for millions of dollars of current and future parking improvements.

The new charges will go into effect next year.

So, how much will the new charges cost a family of four going on a week-long vacation?
  • The boarding fee of $3 per person will add $12 to their bill.
  • At Park & Ride Lot #3, rates are going up $2 a day, making $14 a week.
  • In the end, the family will have to pay an extra $26 to use the airport.Even with the increases, RDU spokesman Mike Blanton says that using RDU is still a bargain.
  • "We've reviewed out parking rates and how competitive they are with other airports, both in the state and nationwide," he says. "We're still very, very competitive, even with the increase."

    Travelers have mixed feelings.

    "It adds up," says passenger Archelle Williamson. "Especially with transportation costs to and from the airport, and the tickets themselves are quite expensive."

    "I remember when they added the new parking deck, I thought, 'At last, we'll have some parking relief,'" says traveler Bob Adler. "Within a month or two, it was as jammed as it was before. So, whatever is going to take in terms of added revenue, if that will make travel easier, I'm all for it."

    The major airports in Charlotte and Greensboro have no boarding fees. Greensboro says they have no major projects that would demand extra revenue. Charlotte considers the boarding fee to be a tax, and they will not instate the added charge.



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