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Experts: Controlling Mosquitoes Begins Outside

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FAYETTEVILLE — North Carolina'swet summerhas been great for lawns. Unfortunately, it is been great for mosquitoes as the conditions are ripe for breeding.

Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water. Females can lay eggs every three days. When they do so, they average anywhere from 100 to 300 eggs at a time. During the summer female mosquitos only live about three weeks.

Experts say everyone needs to do the "tip and toss" test in their own backyards to help eliminate standing water around their homes. Just tip a container and if there is water in it, toss it out.

However, even that will not stop all the mosquitoes from swarming your yard.

"They can have eggs in just a drop of water on a leaf of grass, and they can mature in no time at all," says Nancy Anderson, a Cumberland County horticulture agent. "Anytime you have rain like we've had lately, you're going to have mosquitoes."

If you have standing water that cannot be emptied out, try a mosquito oil, which is available at many county health departments.

Diazinon is also a good spray for lawns.


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