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Newcomer Battles Incumbent in Seventh Congressional District

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The Seventh Congressional District runs from Fayetteville to the coast.(WRAL-TV5 News)
FAYETTEVILLE — A Republican newcomer is battling an incumbent Democrat for the chance to represent the Seventh Congressional District, which runs from Fayetteville to Wilmington.

Republican candidate James Adams was disappointed when no one ran against Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre two years ago. So, with a grassroots campaign, the 54-year-old Fayetteville engineer entered the Seventh Congressional District race.

"I've always considered myself to be an informed citizen," he says.

If elected, Adams says he will work to unify Congress and get back to the basics in the classroom. No sex education and more support for teachers.

"I think we are overburdening teachers in some cases by imposing restrictions in the classroom where they aren't free to discipline children," he says.

If re-elected for a third term, Mike McIntyre says he will continue to concentrate on economic security, agriculture, health care and education.

"We have been able to bring over $8 million back, money to come home to help our schools, help reduce class size and help our school boards hire additional teachers," the congressman says.

McIntyre, a Lumberton attorney, says economic security will be his top priority because of the recent job losses in the district.

"That means bringing Internet to our classrooms," he says. "It means supporting our colleges and universities with job and worker retraining. It also means we can bring economic grants home to help our chambers, municipalities and county governments."

Libertarian candidate Bob Burns will also appear on the ballot.



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